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Episode 5: The Man Who Couldn’t Sleep

David Hart is a highly educated engineer who spent decades working on complex problems in both government and the private sector. How did David end up homeless?   Listen to David’s story, which took him... Read More
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Episode 4: Sean of the Interpreters

What happens when the language a patient speaks isn’t the same language the doctors and nurses who treat that patient speak?  Enter the medical interpreter, in this case Seton’s Sean Normansell, a highly trained, certified... Read More
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Episode 3: Bonnie Durkee Needs People

Mobile Loaves and Fishes has been feeding the homeless in Travis County for years.  Now, they’ve taken their care of the homeless to an entirely new level with the creation of CommunityFirst! Village, a planned... Read More
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Episode 1: Dalton Duffie Without Fear

Being homeless carries enormous health risks.  Estimates are that nearly half of Austin’s homeless population is at risk of imminent death. While he was living on the streets, Dalton Duffie contracted a life-threatening disease. Listen... Read More

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